Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Scope of the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy describes the collection and processing of data resulting from the use of the Site. The terms of use of the Site are contained in a separate document (Terms of Use).

The “Privacy Policy” of the Site does not cover the collection and processing of data from clients and business partners that Vierny Partners SA collects otherwise in its day-to-day business, which is governed by other protocols (Internal Regulations) in compliance with Swiss law.

The amount of data collected by Vierny Partners SA and its use depends on the particular interaction of each user with the Site. This data will be used for statistical purposes and to improve the Site offerings. Users who have opted for registration will provide more information than those who have not registered.

Vierny Partners will never sell to third parties or otherwise commercialize data gathered from users.

Some providers like Google Analytics or Mailchimp may obtain user data generated by users of the Site. This data is necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and is only used in accordance with the terms of use and privacy policy of Google respectively Mailchimp.

Legal framework

Our policy is based on current Swiss and international legislation (Federal Act on Data Protection of 19 June, 1992; FADP and Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection of 14 June, 1993 as well as EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and the repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) in relation to personal data.

Cookie Policy

The Site uses cookies: small files that can be stored on the computer of the user. These cookies are not intended to personally identify a user, but rather to characterize how they use the Site by collecting the following parameters:

  • number and type of visits
  • User preferences in terms of language or screen configuration,
  • Identification and password

These parameters will then enable Vierny Partners SA to:

  • Improve the design of the Site and add more relevant content
  • Improve the speed and performance of the pages of the Site
  • Make an accelerated connection for frequent users

Users have permanent control over how the Site use cookies and can delete them at any time by accessing the settings of their internet browser. More information on the use of cookies on the internet can be found on Partial or complete deactivation of the use of cookies by the user will result in a more limited, less user-friendly and potentially slower use. It may also cause some parts of the Site to not work properly.

User data

Vierny Partners can collect the following information about its users with the form “contact” (email, subject, message) as well as by the form “registration” (email, first name, name, company).

The Site offers three different levels of access for a given user: “public access”, “registered access” and “full access”.

Users who do not register have a “public access” which does not allow the consultation of certain contents (articles and news).

A valid email address is the only mandatory information required to register on the Site. Once registered, the user receives a validation email, containing a link allowing him to define his personal password of which he is the sole holder. This user now has access to many additional articles and information (“registered access”).

He remains nevertheless limited compared to a “full access”, which gives him access to all the publications and information contained on the Site.

In accordance with the Terms of Use, Vierny Partners SA decides on the attribution of the three types of access and reserves the right to modify or cancel access at any time after registration.

A user may qualify for “full access” by adding their first name, last name, and their company name during the registration process. He can also use the contact form to request a change of access level.

At any time, a user can deactivate his registration by clicking on the Site profile link. The cancellation of a registration by the user or by Vierny Partners SA will lead to the deletion of all the data stored in the Website concerning the user.

Analysis of use of website

Vierny Partners SA uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”), to provide Vierny Partners SA feedback on the use of its Site, to ensure necessary updates and to evaluate the frequency of consultation of different content.

Some information generated by cookies is then transmitted to Google who uses it as we explained in the “Cookie Policy” section above, mainly for statistical purposes.

Google has its own Privacy Policy governing any data received following a visit to this Site. A user can always limit the transmission of his data (cookies, IP address) by disabling cookies or by changing settings on his web browser.

He also accepts the possibility of transmitting data to Google and of course the processing of such data by Google is subject to the policies described above.

Use of Mailchimp for distribution of newsletters by email

Vierny Partners SA uses newsletters to announce publication of a new article or news item on the website. These newsletters are sent by email and their use is governed by the policies described in the Terms of Use.

Mailchimp is an internet service that manages email lists for communication and marketing purposes. It allows Vierny Partners SA to design Newsletters, distribute them and share them on social networks. This service is integrated with our Site. As a result, some information will be sent to Mailchimp, which manages it according to its own privacy policy. In its privacy policy Mailchimp refers to Vierny Partners SA as “Member” and to users of the Site as “Contact”.

A user can become a “Contact” of the Mailchimp account of Vierny Partners SA by ticking “Subscribe to the newsletter” during the registration procedure described in the “User Data” section above. Even after a registration a user can ask to be added as “Contact” of the Mailchimp account of Vierny Partners SA using the Site contact form. Vierny Partners SA may also add in its Mailchimp account “Contacts” other than the users of the Site for the constitution of Mailing lists.

At any time, a user can unsubscribe from the Vierny Partners SA Mailchimp contact list by clicking on the corresponding link in any newsletter received. This action does not have any impact on the access of the user to the content on the Site. Likewise, the unregistering of a user from the website, by initiative of Vierny Partners SA, or by user action on the website, will not automatically unsubscribe the same user from the Vierny Partners SA Mailchimp contact list.

In summary, by using this Site, the user agrees to the processing and possible transmission of personal data to Mailchimp as previously described. This data is managed in accordance with the Mailchimp privacy policy.

Amendment of this Privacy Policy

Vierny Partners SA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. At each visit of the Site, the user accepts implicitly and formally any modification newly incorporated in the “Privacy Policy”.