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Investors have always expressed tremendous interest in investing in the latest technology.

How to avoid the hype and short-lived would-be players?

How to identify blockbusters like Netflix and Twitter early on?

It is natural to ask your financial advisor when and how to invest in what, but how good is your financial advisor at using technology himself?

The asset management sector has been undergoing major upheaval: financial crisis, regulatory changes, exchange of tax information. As a consequence both banks and independent financial advisors are struggling to adapt. Some are looking for consolidation to survive, others are leaving the business.

Since inception Vierny Partners has opted for increased productivity rather than grow for economy of scale.

In this context Vierny Partners SA has outsourced part of its accounting and management of payrolls, and has invested in partnerships with specialists mainly in the fields of compliance and IT.

Back in 2011 already we had invested in a Portfolio Management System to harmonize our asset management processes and minimize risks by automating transmissions of orders, independently of our client’s choice of custodian bank.

Always following our desire to improve productivity, in 2013 we chose a Swiss provider to host our IT infrastructure. In 2018 we moved our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services which offers the exact power for the exact number of users and processes. If tomorrow we find a use for machine learning and artificial intelligence, we will only have to activate these new services.

With these changes, we needed an IT consultant who understands the ambition of an SME like Vierny Partners SA sensitive to developments in IT and digital strategies. A well defined internet search led us to a deeply independent company, just like us: Steel Blue. We found them just as, we think, potential investors might find us in the future.

Steel Blue has become a real partner able to consult us not only on infrastructure, but also on the use of digital services and paperless office processes.

We are proud to be a good reference for them.

For some processes we were able to use existing programs or digital services readily available on the market.

In our investment committees we study financial analyzes provided by banks and we also buy specialized economic and financial analysis from leading independent providers.

To process this important flow of financial information, we conceptualized a tool that allows us to prioritize this information from multiple sources, create links and priorities, and then combine them with our investment themes. The tool makes it possible to link each investment decision to the analysis justifying this decision. It also allows a follow-up and a permanent update confirming this investment decision.

As we need this tool every day, both in the office and when visiting clients, and as the market did not offer any suitable solutions, we decided to invest in the development of a custom-built web-based tool.

Streamliners, an experienced team, took our concept and transcribed them into features and design that positively impressed us. In less than three months after sending our specifications, we were able to start using this tool to our fullest satisfaction.

We now spend less time organizing our analysis which leaves more time to make and review decisions.

This tool perfectly meets the current requirements of an independent asset manager. It allows us to spend less time prioritizing the large volume of financial information, which frees us for the actual asset management: making investment decisions and monitoring investments.

We are confident that this improvement in the quality of information and data processing will result in better performance for our clients. It is likely that this brings new managers to our company, attracted by this unique operational and effective tool.

In a way our website is the culmination of our ongoing motivation to improve our IT practice.

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